In this episode of the podcast Will is joined by Joe Jervis, director of Renaissance a new Labour Party group, to discuss Renaissance, what it hopes to achieve, the recent by elections in Hartlepool, Chesham and Amersham and Batley and Spen, the housing crisis, Brexit and what Labour should focus on going into the next general election. 

In this episode Will speaks to newly elected Green Party councillor for Cliviger with Worsthorne in Burnley, Scott Cunliffe. They discuss why he decided to stand for the Greens, his priorities now he has been elected, what he sees at the future of the Green Party, HS2 and HS3, the proposed changes to planning regulations in England and much more. This episode features a trailer for the Politics of Sounds July episode with Edwina Currie which you can hear here: 

In this episode Will speaks to Jack Brown, author of the new book The London Problem, London Partnerships Director and Lecturer in London Studies at King’s College London and former Researcher in Residence at No. 10 Downing Street from 2016 to 2017. They discuss the book, how London is perceived by the rest of the UK, inequality in London and whether more devolved government would encourage more people to become involved in politics. You can purchase The London Problem from Haus books here: This episode also features a trailer for the latest episode of the Politics of Sound podcast featuring Mark Francois MP. You can listen to this episode here: 

In this second episode of our mini series looking at local election winners, Will speaks to returning guest and recently elected Labour Councillor for Unsworth on Bury Council, Nathan Boroda. They discuss Nathan's campaign, how Labour did in the recent set of local elections and what that means for Keir Starmer's leadership, the recent Hartlepool by election, what Nathan hopes to achieve on the council and what Labour's priorities should be going into the next General Election. Apologises for some slight issues with some of the audio for this episode. 

In this first episode of a Debated Podcast mini series in which we speak to 2021 local election winners from across the country, we speak to Ryan Simpson the newly elected Conservative councillor for Sherbourne ward on Coventry City council about his election, his campaign, why he thinks the Conservatives won across the West Midlands, Coventry's 2021 City of Culture celebrations, the impact of Coronavirus and what his aims are as a councillor. This episode also includes a trailer for the latest episode of the Politics of Sound podcast with MP Mark Francois which you can listen to here:

In this episode Will speaks to former Labour and Change UK: The Independent Group MP for Illford South, Mike Gapes, about a new book he's contributed to edited by Peter McNab about Change UK. They also discuss Andy Burnham, Keir Starmer's leadership of Labour, social media abuse, Jeremy Corbyn's time as Leader of the Labour Party, Hilary Benn's Syria speech and Britain's relationship with the EU. 

In this episode Will is joined by Jon Cruddas, the Labour MP for Dagenham and Rainham since 2001 and Policy Coordinator for the Labour Party from 2012 - 2015 to discuss his new book, The Dignity of Labour. They discuss the changing perceptions of work, the arguments made about seeking a post work world, how you can inject ethics into large corporations, Thatcherism and its continuing influence on British industry and work and where the Labour Party can seek inspiration from. You can purchase the book on The Guardian's Bookshop website here: This episode also includes a trailer for the Politics of Sound's May episode with Youtuber and 2021 London Mayoral Candidate Max Fosh which you can listen to here: 

In this episode of the podcast we are joined by William Kedjanyi, the Political Betting Analyst for Star Sports to discuss the 2021 UK wide elections including the Hartlepool by election, the Scottish Devolved Parliamentary Elections, the Welsh Devolved Parliamentary Elections, the UK local elections, the Police and Crimes Commissioner Elections and what impact the result of these important elections will have on the state of UK politics. 

In the latest episode of the podcast Will speaks to David McKenzie, the Liberal Democrats candidate for the Scottish Parliament seat of Glasgow Kelvin, about his campaign in Glasgow Kelvin, the impact of Coronavirus and Brexit, how the SNP have handled education in Scotland and how local businesses could be supported to recover from the pandemic. This episode also includes a trailer for the May episode of the Politics of Sound Podcast, listen to the Politics of Sound here:

In this episode of the podcast Will speaks to Joney Faragher, Leader of the Manx Labour Party about the up coming general election on the Isle of Man, the political system and structure of governance on the Isle of Man, the issues the Manx Labour Party will be debating during the General Election, climate change on the Isle of Man and the impact of Coronavirus on the Isle. 

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