In this episode of the podcast Will is joined by Tom Harris, former Labour MP for Glasgow Cathcart (2001 - 2005) and Glasgow South (2005 - 2015); Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport (2006 - 2008) ; Shadow Minister for the Environment (2012 - 2013) and host of the excellent new podcast Tom Harris: The Imposter. They discus Tom Harris: The Imposter, Neil Kinnock's time as leader of the Labour Party, why the SNP have grown since the 1980s, why people feel like imposters in political parties and which Doctor Who episodes Tom would take with him to a desert island. You can listen to Tom Harris: The Imposter here: and if you want to get a free month of Podbean on us use this link for standard accounts and this link for business accounts

In this episode Will is joined by Barry Black, the Labour Party's candidate for the Scottish Parliament for Aberdeen Central to discuss Labour's campaign in the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary Elections, how the SNP have handled education and the pandemic, how Keir Starmer can make a stronger impact on the Scottish electorate, the role of Brexit and Scottish Independence in the election and how important green energy is to Scotland's future. Apologies that Will's audio in this episode is not of the best quality. 

In this episode Will is joined by Liberal Democrat councillor and creator and host of the Lib Dem Podcast John Potter to discuss the podcast, his perception of the government's handling of the COVID 19 pandemic, how he thinks the Lib Dems will do in the 2021 Scottish and Welsh parliamentary elections and the future of the Liberal Democrats.  

In this episode of the podcast Will is once again joined by Torrin Wilkins, Director of our partner the Centre Think Tank to discuss a new paper recently published by Centre that has received a lot of traction, "Expanding Furlough: Including more people in the CJRS and SEISS". They discuss the paper, the government's handling of furlough, what kind of impact Centre's plan would have if implemented and whether the government have worked well with schools during the pandemic. You can read Torrin's paper here: and if you want to get a free month of Podbean on us use this link for standard accounts and this link for business accounts

In this episode Will speaks to Labour Party activist, former councillor and Parliamentary candidate Sally Gimson about her new pamphlet for the Fabians Society -  Building Bridges: Lessons from Bassetlaw For The Country, experiences as a councillor in Camden, her brief candidacy in Bassetlaw and her deselection by Labour HQ, her thoughts on how to win back Red Wall Seats and the importance of green industries and investment to Labour's path back to power. You can read the full pamphlet here:

In this episode of the podcast Will is joined by Wendy Chamberlain, the Lib Dem MP for North East Fife, Liberal Democrat Chief Whip, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Scotland and Wales and Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Work and Pensions to discuss a new book she has contributed to - The Future of Social Democracy: Essays to Mark the 40th Anniversary of the Limehouse Declaration. They discuss why the SDP split from Labour had such an impact, the state of social democracy around the world, Wendy's essay on proportional representation, social democrats and climate change and if the recent defeat of Donald Trump and the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic might spark a resurgence of social democracy around the world. Apologises for some minor issues with the audio. 

In this episode of the podcast Will is joined by Christopher Massey, Senior Lecturer in History & Politics at Teeside University and Labour Party Councillor to discuss his new book "The Modernisation of the Labour Party 1979 - 97", an examination of the efforts made to modernise the Labour Party's organisational structures through four major changes -  the Policy Review (1987–92), One Member, One Vote (1992–94), Clause IV (1995–96), and Partnership in Power (1996–97). They also discuss the 1987 UK General Election, Neil Kinnock's leadership and the link between the leadership of the Labour Party and its organisational structures. 


In this episode of the podcast, recorded just before Christmas, Will speaks to Mark Whittaker, the Chair of the Young Fabians, about what the Young Fabians are, their connection to the Fabians Society, Anticipations, the Young Fabians magazine, the influence the Young Fabians has on policy in the Labour Party and the impact Brexit will have on the UK. 

In this first episode of 2021, Will is joined by William Kedjanyi, Political Analyst for Star Sports Betting to discuss the Georgia Senate Runoff Elections, how they will impact Joe Biden's Presidency and the role of religion, racism and allegations of insider dealing on the result.  

In this special extended End of Year Discussion podcast, Will is joined by three great guests to discuss the headline events of politics in 2020. His guests are Lauren Davison, former co host of the Left Whingers Podcast, founder of the Young Fabians Criminal Justice Network and Justice Reform Co Chair of Open Labour; William Kedjanyi, Political Betting Analyst for Star Sports and Torrin Wilkins the Director of the Centre Think Tank. In this second part they discuss the Labour Leadership Election; the EHRC's report into antisemitism in the Labour Party and Labour's response; Keir Starmer's leadership of the Labour Party and potential weaknesses in his leadership; the Lib Dem Leadership Election; the US Presidential Election the Brexit trade talks and what 2021 will hold.  The podcast will return in Jan 2021. 

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