In this episode Will speaks to Independent Candidate for the Mayor of London, Farah London, about her campaign to become Mayor of London, why she decided to stand, her policies on the police, the environment and Black Cabs as well as her thoughts on where the Mayor of London should stand on the world stage. 

In this episode Will is once again joined by longtime friend of the podcast Nathan Boroda, who is standing as the Labour Party's candidate in Unsworth at next year's local elections. They discuss the elections, how the North has tackled Coronavirus, Brexit and next month's US Presidential election. 

In this episode Will speaks to George Fairhurst, host of Red Rose Reporting, Chair of Yorkshire and Humber Young Fabians Society and Membership Officer for Open Labour in West Yorkshire about last year's General Election, Brexit, Red Rose Reporting, how Labour can win back the North in next year's local elections and next month's US Presidential Election. 

In this episode Will is joined by returning guest Antony Tucker, who is one of Labour's candidates for Earlsdon ward at next year's Local Elections. They discuss the elections, Labour's response to coronavirus, the impact of Brexit and next month's US Presidential Election. 

In this episode of the podcast Will speaks to former Irish Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Limerick, Claire Keating, about the Green Party in Ireland, this year's Irish General Election, her campaign to make Limerick Carbon Neutral and the US Presidential Election.  

In this episode we speak to City Council candidate for American Canyon, Jason Kishineff, about his campaign for City Council, his thoughts on Biden and Trump, his feelings about the Supreme Court and why he got into politics. 

In this episode of the podcast, Will speaks to the Republican Congressional candidate for Massachusetts’ 6th Congressional District, John Paul Moran. They discuss the race in Massachusetts, the upcoming Biden - Trump debate, coronavirus and Brexit. 

In this episode Will speaks to Lord Foulkes, former MP for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley from 1979 - 2005, Member of the Scottish Parliament for Lothians from 2007 - 2011, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development from 1997 - 2001 and Minister of State for Scotland from 2001 -2002. They discuss Keir Starmer, the future of Labour in Scotland, the SNP and the Scottish Parliament, the Internal Market Bill and the US Presidential Election. 

In this episode Will speaks to Labour Party councillor for Chatham Central, Leader of the Opposition on Medway Council and candidate for the Labour Party's NEC, Vince Maple. In the podcast they discuss the NEC election, the role of local government in dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic, the potential of a No Deal Brexit to impact the UK economy and how the Labour Party can win the next General Election.

In this episode Will speaks to Lauren Davison, co host of the Left Whingers podcast about the podcast, the up and coming Young Labour and NEC elections, the Labour Party's approach to justice policies and next year's local and devolved elections. Make sure to also check out Left Whingers on Spotify. 

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