In this episode of the podcast Will is joined once again by Torrin Wilkins, Director of the Centre Think Tank; Eluned Anderson, Organiser for Labour to Win, Campaign Coordinator for Labour For Europe and an ambassador for the Holocaust Educational Trust; and Jasneet Samrai Deputy Director of Centre to discuss the results of the UK's local elections. They discuss the council results in Wales and Scotland; the Assembly results in Northern Ireland; the impact of Conservative losses on Boris Johnson and what the Liberal Democrats success could spell for their future as a party. 

In this episode of the podcast Will is once again joined by Chris Clarke, author of The Dark Knight and The Puppet Master and of a new essay for Progressive Britain, "Thinking in Straight Lines". They discuss why Chris decided to write the paper, Boris Johnson's use of language, the difference between Direct and Systemic, Tony Blair's approach communications and how Labour can make an argument for systemic change in a direct way. You can read the paper here: 

In this episode of the podcast Will is joined by Thom Brooks, Professor of Law and Government at Durham University Law School and a member of the Fabian Society Board to discuss Thom's new pamphlet for the Fabians Society "New Arrivals: A Fair Immigration Plan for Labour" - they discuss some of the policies in the pamphlet including a UK Day Bank Holiday, a Hate Crime Register and region linked visas. 

In this episode of the podcast Will speaks to Lord Owen, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs from 1977 - 1979, one of the Gang of Four and a leader of the SDP throughout the 1980s about Lord Owen's new book Riddle, Mystery and Enigma: Two hundred years of British - Russian Relations. They discuss George Canning's time as Foreign Secretary; Britain, Russia and the Great Game; the impact of communism on 20th century politics; the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Britain's recent decision to send migrants to Rwanda. 

In this episode of the podcast Will speaks to Callum Robertson, the Liberal Democrats candidate in Bethnal Green East about the up coming local elections, electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets, the war in Ukraine and how the Lib Dems could take more seats in the "Blue Wall" from the Conservatives. 

In this episode Will is once again joined by Nathan Boroda, an old friend of the podcast and a Labour Councillor for Unsworth on Bury council to discuss the up coming local elections, the turn against the Conservatives in many Red Wall areas, the defection of Christian Wakeford from the Conservatives to Labour, what Labour aims to achieve in Bury, the end of free lateral flow tests and whether Donald Trump could return to the White House in 2024. 

In this episode Will speaks to Aleks Szczerbiak, Professor of Politics at the University of Sussex, about the Law and Justice part in Poland; Poland's relationship with Catholicism and Russia; Poland's reaction to the Ukrainian refugee crisis and the Law and Justice Party's relationship with NATO and the EU. 

In this episode of the podcast Will is joined by Nathan Yeowell, Director of Progressive Britain and Labour to Win, to discuss a new book which Nathan has contributed to and edited entitled Rethinking Labour's Past. They discuss some of the key figures in the history of the Labour Party such as Ramsay MacDonald, Clement Attlee and Harold Wilson and how they impacted the history of the Labour Party; Labour's relationship to the Democrats in the US and why Nathan decided to compile the book in the first place. 

You can buy this excellent book from Bloomsbury here:,future%20of%20the%20Labour%20Party. If you use the code PROGRESSIVE35 via Bloomsbury you will be able to get a 35% discount on the book. 

In this episode Will speaks to Adam Richardson from Direct Democracy UK about the aims of the organization, what direct democracy is, how what Adam is advocating differs from the Swiss system, what a direct democratic system would mean for ordinary people and local government and the recent invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army. You can check out Direct Democracy UK here: 

In this episode of the podcast Will is joined by David Hendy, an academic and author, to discuss his new book The BBC: A People's History. They discuss the origins of the BBC in the wake of the First World War, the variety of content produced by the organization, its changing approach to interviewing politicians and its future. You can buy David's book at all good book shops and online. 

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