In this episode Will speaks to returning guest Sarbjit Bakhshi, the Head of Political Markets at Smarkets, about the recent Labour Leadership result, Keir Starmer's new Shadow Cabinet, the US Presidential election and the impact of the coronavirus on society. 


In this episode we speak to Stefan Hoggan-Radu, a retired athlete and SNP activist about the Scottish Government's reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, what may change because of it, the possibility of a second Scottish Independence Referendum, the Scottish Parliamentary Elections next year and the recent trial of former First Minister Alex Salmond. 

In this episode Will speaks to Ranu Dhillon, a practising US doctor who has worked with Harvard's Medical School, served as Ebola adviser to the President of Guinea and worked with the Earth Institute at the University of Colorado, about the current COVID 19 pandemic, how the US, Italy and UK are responding to it and why testing is so important.

In this episode we speak to writer for National File and The Political Insider, Jack Hadfield about populism in politics, how he became a journalist, the coronavirus pandemic and how it has impacted him personally and the Republicans prospects in this year's Presidential and Senatorial elections.

In this episode of the podcast Will is joined by Kate Carrau, artist, founder of the SheWolf brand and host of the SheWolf Podcast, to discuss feminism, the representation of women in the media and politics, what is the aim of SheWolf, the US Presidential Election, the Labour Leadership election and the current coronavirus pandemic. Don't forget to subscribe to the SheWolf Podcast to hear more from Kate.

In this episode Will speaks to the former Labour MP for the constituency of Selby from 1997 - 2010 and Keighley from 2017 - 2019, John Grogan about the recent West Yorkshire Devolution project, the Labour Party's recent General Election defeat, the current Labour Leadership contest and his role as chair of the Mongolian - British Chamber of Commerce. 

In this episode we speak to comedian and commentator Dominic Frisby about his popular comedy song "17 Million F*** Offs", what it is like to be a comedian, his brief time as a Brexit Party candidate and his thoughts on the recent Budget. 

In this episode we speak to Dominique Samuels, President of the Orthodox Conservatives group about what are the aims of her group, the Democrats' Super Tuesday, her experiences with Turning Point UK, conservatism in Europe and whether she thinks the Conservative Party can ever have another socially conservative leader. 

In this episode Will speaks to Eluned Anderson, a member of the TUC Young Worker's Forum and a Regional Ambassador for the Holocaust Educational Trust, about the Labour Leadership contest, how Labour can change, the Labour Party in Wales and antisemitism in Labour. 

In this episode Will speaks to Chris Clarke about his new book Warring Fictions: Left Populism and Its Defining Myths and examines the differences between Left Populism and Left Pluralism, the reason that these myths exists and why they are prevalent in the Labour Party. 

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