In this episode of the podcast Will speaks to creator of 326 Politics and a Political Analyst for Smarkets, Patrick Flynn, about the upcoming Presidential election, how Joe Biden could cope with a Republican dominated Senate, why President Trump's popularity is continuing to fall, whether Boris Johnson will fight the next election, whether Labour can succeed in next year's local elections and who the next leader of the Liberal Democrats could be. 

In this episode of the podcast Will speaks to Meggie Foster, an actor and social media star, about impressions, how she chooses her material, the process of creating her content, which politicians she would like to use for her videos, her influences and who she would like to collaborate with. 

In this episode Will speaks to journalist, film maker and host of Corbynism: The Post-Mortem, Oz Katerji. In the episode they discuss the making of the podcast, Oz's thoughts on it being referenced in the leaked Labour antisemitism report, why Oz decided to make the podcast in the first place, what Keir Starmer's approach to foreign policy could be like, President Trump and the Middle East, what Joe Biden's foreign policy might be like if he wins and whether the West will ever remove Assad. 

In this episode we speak to Conservative activist and writer for the Mallard, Simone Hanna about Social Conservatism, the Transgender debate, the 2020 US Presidential Election, Conservatism and the Black Lives Matter Movement, No Fault Divorce and whether Social Conservatives should join the SDP.

In this episode we speak to Deputy Chief Executive of Renewable UK, former MP for Great Grimsby from 2015 - 2019, Shadow Deputy Leader of the House from 2015 to 2016 and Shadow Minister for Housing from 2017 to 2019 Melanie Onn. We discuss Brexit, the 2019 UK General Election, how Melanie thinks the government is dealing with coronavirus, the renewable energy industry in Britain and the 2020 Labour Leadership contest. 

In this episode we speak to Iain Carnegie, a musician, composer and host of the excellent Politics of Sound podcast about his podcast, the musical tastes of politicians, whether music is political or not, Wagner, whether politics is too enamoured of performing, pop music and politics and music that Iain thinks we should all listen to. Make sure to check out the Politics of Sound podcast here 

In this Youtube special of the podcast we speak to two great Youtubers about their content, politics and how the two are linked. In the first part we speak to Canadian comedian Buckley of the Youtube channel ADoseOfBuckley about whether comedy has limits, free speech on Youtube, celebrities' use of politics and the influence of politics on music. In the second half Will speaks to British Youtuber Ed Chapman about his channel GameFaceHD, his series Roast the Week, whether Youtube is right to demonetize certain content and whether there's a difference between Youtube drama and politics. 

In this episode of the podcast Will speaks to Labour Party councillor for Stanhope, Brendan Chilton, about the coronavirus pandemic and the government's handling of it, Brexit and the UK's future relationship with the world including China, Blue Labour, the homicide of George Floyd and the UK's reaction to it. You can read the report Brendan mentions here

In this episode we speak to Julian Burnside QC, a leading Australian human rights campaigner, lawyer and the Greens candidate for the Senate seat of Victoria. We discuss Manus and Naru, the Australian government's handling of coronavirus, Bill Shorten, Julian's 2019 House of Representatives campaign, the case of Bruce Trevorrow, why people are climate change deniers and why Julian is standing for the Greens. 

In this episode Will speaks to acclaimed British actor, director and writer Reece Dinsdale about Threads, The Absence of War and This House which is being streamed by the National Theatre on their Youtube channel from the 28th of May to the the 4th of June. 

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